Is Methadone a good choice for opioid dependence treatment?

Before we answer this question, let’s highlight several important, antecedent decisions: Decision #1:  Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) vs. Abstinence treatment? This should be a personal choice made in collaboration with your support team/network. If you have a record of multiple failed attempts at abstinence therapy or relapses then maybe you should now consider medication-assisted treatment asContinue reading “Is Methadone a good choice for opioid dependence treatment?”

Prescribed, 300 mg of Methadone/day!

Yep, I’ve seen it! It brings up several questions: Why? In this case, it was being given in the context of chronic pain management. Chronic opioid therapy (the therapeutic use of opioid medications over a long period of time) is usually prescribed in the context of adult chronic pain management or medication-assisted treatment of opioidContinue reading “Prescribed, 300 mg of Methadone/day!”


Hi, my name’s Stuart and I’m a physician who’s been involved with medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment (MAT) since 2006 and Methadone maintenance therapy (MMT)since 2008. I was formally trained in Anesthesiology and Pain management. Currently I’m a co-medical director at a small Opioid Treatment Program (“Methadone clinic”) in a small city in the U.S.A. TheseContinue reading “Introduction”