Hi, my name is Dr. Brad Panton and I’m a physician (M.D.) trained (board-certified) in Anesthesiology and *Pain management (*expired). I’ve been involved with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)/addiction/dependency treatment, in the U.S., since about 2006. I like the fact that this work favorably impacts the lives of so many people.

Currently, I work in an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) ( or “Methadone Clinic”), as co-medical director. I have been there for 11 years now and have acquired clinical experiences in using medications in conjunction with counseling (behavioural techniques) in the treatment of OUD. I also maintain a private office practice where I see other opioid-dependent patients.

My hope with this project is to share my opinions and perspectives on medication-assisted treatments (MAT) for OUD/addiction/dependency with the public; in the hope of demystifying and de-stigmatizing MAT, especially for those seeking information on OUD treatments.

On the My Favorite Things page, I’ll share some of my personal and professional interests including products and services which I utilize and recommend. On my Resources and Products pages I’ll make recommendations for items which may be of value to you.

My goals are to establish a professional internet/online presence, aside from social media, through valuable, informational content and reader engagement. First focusing on relevant public discussions in MAT, and then possibly replicate this model for other topics/areas of interest in health and medicine.

I plan on doing this primarily via blogging, online coaching/ consultancy, and client-focused marketing of helpful products and services. I continue to provide in-person, one-on-one, concierge-style medical services in lifestyle and addiction medicine and healthcare coaching to clients and readers in the 772 area code of the U.S. I see this as an extension of my Addiction/Lifestyle medical practice through online marketing and revenue generation.



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