Improvements to come…

I’m new at publishing publicly so these early posts may be hard to read visually. I’m learning about how to make them more appealing visually and easier to read. I’m also considering how to proceed in terms of relevancy and that’s where I need feedback from you in terms of what you’d like to receive commentary/posts on in this arena.

In the meantime I’ll try to address posts to what I’d consider my ideal audience and I’m considering a series consisting of FAQ responses to questions I’ve come across from clinic clients over the years. I think that would be interesting to many who are curious about Opiate addiction treatment using methadone.



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I'm an Anesthesiology & Pain management-trained physician who has been professionally/clinically involved with/practicing in the field of opiate addiction medication-assisted treatments since 2006. I'd like to share my knowledge, perspectives and experiences here to benefit those interested in Opioid use disorder medication-assisted treatments and related issues.

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