Mental Health and Addictions

As most of us realize by now, addiction, being a brain disorder of re-wired neural connections which predispose to “addictive behavior”, is a mental health issue. As a mental health disorder/issue, it is interwoven with our underlying mental state or health whether or not we have (or think we don’t have) other documented mental healthContinue reading “Mental Health and Addictions”

Shared post: “What It’s Like to Be on Methadone During a Pandemic”

What It’s Like to Be on Methadone During a Pandemic #Addiction — New Horizon (@RehabNewHorizon) April 22, 2020 Source: @RehabNewHorizon April 22, 2020 at 12:46AM More information New Horizon Drug Rehab What It’s Like to Be on Methadone During a Pandemic — New Horizon Drug Rehab

MMT in the Pandemic Era

My perspective: It’s impossible to minimize the disruptiveness and pandemonium created by an event such as a global pandemic but the impact of any disaster, natural or man-made on one’s sobriety and recovery is pretty much similar. Potentially, it’s an existential threat (no sobriety, no life) that one must (at least in part or toContinue reading “MMT in the Pandemic Era”

Prescription Digital Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder

reSET and reSET-O are the first ever FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) for Substance use disorder (SUD) and Opioid use disorder (OUD) ReSET and reSET O are the first, and only, FDA-authorized Prescription Digital Treatments (PDTs). PDTs, are software-based (digital) disease treatments, such as a smartphone or computer app. PDTs are designed to directly treatContinue reading “Prescription Digital Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder”