The stages of medication-assisted treatment of opioid use disorder/addiction

MMT in the Pandemic Era

My perspective: It’s impossible to minimize the disruptiveness and pandemonium created by an event such as a global pandemic but the impact of any disaster, natural or man-made on one’s sobriety and recovery is pretty much similar. Potentially, it’s an existential threat (no sobriety, no life) that one must (at least in part or toContinue reading “MMT in the Pandemic Era”

Is Methadone a good choice for opioid dependence treatment?

Before we answer this question, let’s highlight several important, antecedent decisions: Decision #1:  Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) vs. Abstinence treatment? This should be a personal choice made in collaboration with your support team/network. If you have a record of multiple failed attempts at abstinence therapy or relapses then maybe you should now consider medication-assisted treatment asContinue reading “Is Methadone a good choice for opioid dependence treatment?”