Hi, my name’s Stuart and I’m a physician who’s been involved with medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment (MAT) since 2006 and Methadone maintenance therapy (MMT)since 2008. I was formally trained in Anesthesiology and Pain management. Currently I’m a co-medical director at a small Opioid Treatment Program (“Methadone clinic”) in a small city in the U.S.A. These are my experiences, perspectives and observations from several years of working in this field.

Why do this?

  • This activity provides a platform to talk about/publicize the benefits of MAT & MMT
  • To “pull back the curtain”, explain & describe how and why MAT & MMT works
  • Appeal to curious, prospective clients, families and clinicians

What topics will I write about?

  • Anything pertaining to medication-assisted treatment of Opioid use disorder (OUD)
  • Methadone & methadone maintenance therapy
  • Life as a clinic client (patient)
  • Issues surrounding Substance use disorders/addiction and Recovery
  • Any other related topics or issues that readers would like discussed

Published by pcmed1119

I'm an Anesthesiology & Pain management-trained physician who has been professionally/clinically involved with/practicing in the field of opiate addiction medication-assisted treatments since 2006. I'd like to share my knowledge, perspectives and experiences here to benefit those interested in Opioid use disorder medication-assisted treatments and related issues.

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